“When I walked through the doors of Naomi & Ruth in 2016, I was a mess. Years of trauma, criminal activity, and addiction had stolen all my joy and hope.

With help, I was able to quit drugs, and, as my faith in Jesus grew stronger, I got my joy back!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Your help gave my mom her daughter back, and my kids their mom back.

Trish (Client)

“Before coming to Naomi and Ruth, I tried to commit suicide. I entered the home and found a program unlike any I’ve attended. I give credit to God and the women who care here to helped give me a new start in life.”

Ginny (Client)

(name changed for confidentiality purposes)

“I was homeless and hooked on drugs. I had lost my kids and was desperate for help. The Naomi and Ruth program gave me the support I needed to start fresh.”

Miranda (Client)

(name changed for confidentiality purposes)